Security and privacy

Firewall, backup, an additional clone of your website (application), IP block, block per country, password protection, encryption, anti-spam, sql injections and so on, everything gets attention with Samuel Services; Here we take extra steps compared to any competitor.

Because of vulnerabilities, ING-bank could not be reached for two days, at the Rabobank the customer could not perform pin transactions during the late night shopping, yahoo account that were massively hacked, hacked PayPal accounts, there is no IT company that does not suffer security problems. The internet may seem to succumb to its own success. Popularity is far too long been more important than safety and privacy. This kind of trends have led to decide within the concept and Samuel Services for the following principles:

  • - No website without Firewall
  • - No software on the server without updates
  • - CMS without any update to latest version
  • - No website without proper backup system
  • - No website without a clone (which is optionally available immediately activate parallel server)
  • - No website or other online service without proper IP filtering (including white- and blacklist)
  • - No website without proper level of encryption
  • - And certainly no data on the server without data encryption
  • - No data management without transparent agreements regarding privacy

The ING has been offline due to cost considerations? Bullshit. A bank that suffers DDOS is a bank that has been too lazy to invest time in a proper backup system. This applies to every organization and webmaster whose website is temporarily offline due to intrusion attempts. Is it expensive if you let us give attention to the above points? No definitely not. It is however very expensive if you do not give any attention at all to the mentioned topics. Have yourself updated and informed by contacting us.

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